Standard Conditions for Hire of The Barnwood Reading Room.

(If the Hirer is in any doubt as to the meaning of the following, the Secretary should be consulted immediately.)

1. THE HIRER will, during the period of the hiring, be responsible for supervision of the premises, the fabric and the contents, their care, safety from damage however slight or change of any sort and the behaviour of all persons using the premises whatever their capacity, including proper supervision of car-parking arrangements so as to avoid obstruction of the highway. THE HIRER will ensure that there is No-Smoking within the building or grounds.

2. THE HIRER shall be responsible for any minor damage/breakages to the building or its contents. Such damage/breakages would include furniture, crockery & windows. All damage must be reported and the costs of repair/replacement will be bourn by the Hirer

3. THE HIRER shall be responsible for ensuring that all his/her guests observe The Health & Safety Act. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to see that all guests and Hirer’s staff (if any) behave in a reasonable manner in all parts of the building and grounds.

4. IF THE HIRER cancels the booking before the date of the event, No refund will be given unless the Committee is able to obtain a replacement booking.

5. AT THE END of the hiring, the Hirer shall be responsible for leaving the premises and surrounds in a clean and tidy condition, properly locked and secured unless directed otherwise and any contents temporarily removed from their usual positions properly replaced, otherwise the Committee shall be at liberty to make an additional charge. Hirers are responsible for the removal of their own rubbish (disposed off site). ALL gas and electric appliances MUST be turned off before securing the building.

6. THE COMMITTEE RESERVE the right to cancel this hiring in the event of the Room being required for use as a Polling Station for a Parliamentary or Local Government election or bye election, in which case the Hirer shall be entitled to a refund of any deposit already paid.

7. IN THE EVENT of the Hall or any part thereof being rendered unfit for the use for which it has been hired the Committee shall not be liable to the Hirer for any resulting loss or damage whatsoever.

8. THE HIRER will be subject to all conditions on signing the Contract. The Trustees of The Barnwood Reading Room cannot accept any responsibility for any damage, injury or loss to any person(s) or their possessions howsoever caused.

9. THE HIRER shall not allow the sale of any alcoholic drinks unless THE HIRER has obtained an occasional Licence to cover such sale.

10. On termination of the Contract THE HIRER must return the keys to one of the key holders named below.

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